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About Uplift Our Youth Foundation

Empowering the Pillars of Tomorrow

We are committed to nurturing the potential of youth in our community, providing vital funding to programs that light the path to success and productivity.

Our Journey to Empowerment

Since our founding in 2002, Uplift Our Youth Foundation has stood as a beacon of hope, channeling resources to underserved nonprofits that uplift young lives.

A Legacy of Support

Our Annual Grant Award Reception is a testament to our commitment, where we proudly award grants to initiatives that resonate with our mission.

Our Guiding Mission

Our mission is a promise: To uplift youth to reach their full potential and shape their future by giving them opportunity and vision to believe in themselves and succeed in life.

Our Vision - A Brighter Future

To be a catalyst for Greater Lansing that inspires hope, produces financial support, and impacts youth in such a way, it affects a generation to keep on giving.

Our Guiding Mission

From donors who see the future in the eyes of our youth to partners who share our zeal, we unite all in a common goal: to sculpt a generation ready to give back.

Join Our Cause

Your support is more than a donation; it's a pledge to the future of our community's youth. Get in touch, contribute, and be part of a transformative journey.

Upholding Our Core Values

"Our values spell out 'UPLIFT,' reflecting the essence of our organization's name and mission. They guide us in everything we do: Understanding, Passion, Learning, Integrity, Faith in our impact, and Tenacity. These principles direct our efforts to make a meaningful difference."

Our Founder's Vision

Larry L. Leatherwood envisaged a world where no organization striving to support youth would falter due to lack of funds. Uplift Our Youth Foundation is that vision realized. Uplift Our Youth Foundation is a funding vehicle for smaller 501© (3) tax exempt organizations and or agencies that either didn’t receive funding or suffered from insufficient funding in the greater Lansing area.

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